What We Offer

Through participation in the summer sessions during their two years with the Academy, IIT Boeing Scholars gain valuable exposure to STEM majors and careers as well as guidance along the path to college,


Photograph by Michael Goss.

4-Week Summer Session (Non-Residential)

All 100 juniors and seniors come together to engage in a variety of hands-on group projects, lectures, labs, and field trips oriented toward an interdisciplinary theme, like “STEM Diplomacy” (2014),  “Challenging Our Borders, Reshaping Our World” (2013), “Local Action, Broader Impact” (2012), and “Cities of the Future” (2011).

Scholars investigate STEM problems in a social context, and are asked to consider both quantitative and qualitative factors when proposing solutions. Past projects have addressed such diverse topics as food deserts, mercury emissions, diabetes treatment, renewable energy, natural disaster response, sustainable land use, and the role of science in policy-making.

Through projects and dedicated workshops, Scholars develop essential problem-solving, communication, team-building, and leadership skills.