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September 27th, 2013

LGP group “Helping by the Hundreds” got their peers involved in more than 100 service projects over the course of a year.

Project Mentors support our Scholars as they learn to lead and serve through STEM. Share this PDF with friends and colleagues.

As individuals and as a group, IIT Boeing Scholars are committed to giving back and to improving the lives of others. As part of the IIT Boeing Scholars Academy’s Summer Session, Scholars collaborate in teams to develop and propose Leadership Grant Projects (LGPs) of their own design to be implemented in their communities over the next 10 months (July 2013-April 2014). Through the awarding and stewardship of these Leadership Grants, the Academy helps provide Scholars with the opportunity, resources, and guidance needed to empower them to promote positive change and continue to develop as leaders.

Each year, the Academy recruits a talented and dedicated cadre of Project Mentors—adult professionals who volunteer individually or in pairs to advise a small group of IIT Boeing Scholars as they develop their Leadership Grant Project. We welcome young, mid-career, and seasoned professionals alike. At minimum, Project Mentors should have a bachelor’s degree and two years of professional work experience, ideally including project management and public speaking. Experience in mentoring or otherwise supervising high school students is a plus.

LGP for web 2012-13 copyEach Project Mentor is expected to:

  • Commit an average of 6 hours per month for 10 months (July 2013-April 2014) to advising a team of IIT Boeing Scholars as they develop and implement their Leadership Grant Project.
  • Attend bi-monthly program workshops at IIT and meet independently with their group during off-months (i.e., estimated 10 in-person meetings total).
  • Provide their LGP group with guidance and feedback as they identify objectives, create a budget and project plan, mediate conflicts, and find outside resources.
  • Keep in regular contact with their LGP group via email, GoogleDocs, etc.
  • Communicate with program staff about group progress and challenges that Scholars face.
  • Draw upon their own experiences to foster and inspire Scholars’ continued intellectual, academic, and personal progress and growth.Help their LGP group identify objectives, create a budget and a project plan, mediate conflicts, and find outside resources.
  • Serve as a positive role model for Scholars.

Summaries of and video presentations about Leadership Grant Projects completed in 2012-13 are online here.

Apply to become a Project Mentor! Fill out the Volunteer Application, check the appropriate box to indicate your interest in being a Project Mentor, attend an interview with program staff, and successfully complete a criminal background check. If you are selected, we will match you with a project in late July.

Contact: Ross Ludwig, Program Coordinator, at 312.567.5193 or

Members of "Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles and Communities" and their Project Mentor Julia meet at a cafe.

Members of “Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles and Communities” and their Project Mentor Julia meet at a cafe.

At the year-end banquet, “ROOTS (Rising Over Obstacles Through STEM)” presents their work creating fun hands-on STEM projects for youth.