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News: To Profs, YouTube Tops Twitter – Inside Higher Ed

April 20th, 2011 No comments

News: To Profs, YouTube Tops Twitter – Inside Higher Ed.

So says a new study released last week by Brabson Survey Research Group and Pearson analyzing use of social media tools by university students and professors.

The study was presented at Pearson’s annual conference. Twitter and Facebook were found to be well in the back of the pack in terms of value to the classroom – though according to Inside Higher Ed, one professor attending the session, noted a benefit of the character limit of Twitter: forcing students to focus and be succinct.

If you’re a faculty member, how do you – or do you – incorporate social media tools like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, in your teaching? How has it worked?

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Interesting Buzz and Whatnot RE: Online Learning

April 13th, 2011 No comments

Below are a few links I’ve run across recently discussing online education, open  access, and quality. Whether k-12, community college, or university, more and more and more students learn online. With each press on a keyboard and swipe across a screen, students learn. And they are learning much more than the content displaying in front of them. They learn to expect certain features and even principles as the norm.  As these expectations, fueled by both academic and non-academic forays into the world of instant access and information, become more sophisticated – not to mention, more demanding – we, as academic content providers, must become learners ourselves, expect more, and become more demanding. So that what we provide and how we provide it continues to engage students and allows them to think beyond the immediate and truly achieve their potential.

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