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Why is “Social Networking” like “Global Warming”?

March 12th, 2014 No comments

There are obvious reasons why academic communities can be resistant to adopting a new technology, more resistant than other other disciplines.

Step aside from the political and economic reasons why acting on “Global Warming” hasn’t seen a bigger initiative in the United States, and consider the failure of “Golbal Warming” to capture the overall dynamic of the situation. By no means am I the first person — more accurately like the 5000th — to talk about the failure of the term to accurately describe the issue, with “Climate Change” being a more useful label.

“Social networking” is a label like “global warming.” It is not entirely misapplied, but it fails to represent the bigger picture. Again I am not breaking new ground here, but I would prefer to talk about these tools in the context of “collaboration and communication.” The paradigm shift is not based in the ability to move a rolodex to the cloud.

The origins of the technology are social and flat, but the models currently being deployed emphasize a different set of tools that foster a different model of communication and work.

One of the failures of Facebook is the complexity in managing Lists of people who fall into different categories. The biggest — and most ballyhooed — change that arrives with Google + is the much more straightforward Circles interface.

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A “Drinking from the Firehose” Post

July 11th, 2011 No comments

A member of the the LinkedIn “Instructional Designers & E-Learning Professionals’ Group” posted a question, seeking advice on useful tools.

I have not had the opportunity to evaluate each of the tools thoroughly (or even all of the sites) but these were some of the more useful looking ones cited in the responses.

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies


GO2WEB20 (Web Applications Index)

Please reply with comments regarding any of the sites or specific tools.

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News: To Profs, YouTube Tops Twitter – Inside Higher Ed

April 20th, 2011 No comments

News: To Profs, YouTube Tops Twitter – Inside Higher Ed.

So says a new study released last week by Brabson Survey Research Group and Pearson analyzing use of social media tools by university students and professors.

The study was presented at Pearson’s annual conference. Twitter and Facebook were found to be well in the back of the pack in terms of value to the classroom – though according to Inside Higher Ed, one professor attending the session, noted a benefit of the character limit of Twitter: forcing students to focus and be succinct.

If you’re a faculty member, how do you – or do you – incorporate social media tools like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, in your teaching? How has it worked?

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e-learning Glossaries

December 7th, 2010 No comments

Blog post from a training vendor (eFront) with a handful of links to e-Learning glossaries.

I agree with the poster who says the American Society for Training & Development’s (ASTD) glossary is probably the best of the lot.

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