Beware of Fraudulent Purchase Orders

January 20, 2016 author: No comments

2016 Update:


SPECIAL NOTICE to those who may receive a “Purchase Order” or “Request for Quotation” for goods and/or services from IIT:

Since July 16, 2014, IIT has been the victim of identity theft with a scammer using a fake IIT “Request for Quotation” or “Purchase Order” document indicating issuance by Frank FioRito.  This is a Fraudulent Action.  The “Request for Quotation” or “Purchase Order” is not issued by IIT or Frank FioRito.  Please take no action on this “Request for Quotation” or “Purchase Order”.

On July 25, 2014, the scammer began to email fake purchase orders.  These purchase orders are NOT LEGITIMATE.  They are NOT issued by IIT and the signature is a forgery.  DO NOT SUPPLY GOODS OR SERVICES IN RESPONSE TO THESE PURCHASE ORDERS.

IIT uses controlled documents for bid solicitations and for issuance of purchase orders.  IIT Purchasing contact information is maintained on the IIT website and is available for verification of IIT Purchasing correspondence.

“When in doubt, check it out.”

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New bid opportunities are posted on the IIT Purchasing Website

March 31, 2015 author: No comments

Please continue to check the IIT Purchasing website for bid opportunities.


An Addendum 1 has been posted to the RFP for Campus Security Services.

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New Bid Opportunities have been posted

February 6, 2015 author: No comments

Please see the new bid opportunities on the IIT Purchasing Website.


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New Bid Opportunities

January 12, 2015 author: No comments

New bid opportunities are currently posted on the IIT Purchasing website:


Please keep coming back as new RFPs are added.



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How to sell to IIT

October 14, 2014 author: No comments

Many vendors are confused about how to best approach IIT to find opportunities. The difficulty in selling to IIT is related to the very decentralized nature of our purchasing.

Each department is responsible for the management of its annual budget.

Here’s a tip:  Access and locate the link to the “Directories”.  It is on the right hand side at the top of the page.   Click on the link and you are taken to another page that has a link to the IIT Phone Book.  Click on this to search for an individual contact.

To determine what department might be interested in your services, click on Academic Programs/Departmental Websites or Administrative Offices.  These links can help you develop a picture of the buying landscape at IIT.

Good Luck!

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Keep checking the IIT Purchasing Website

October 2, 2014 author: No comments

New Bid Opportunities are posted to the IIT Purchasing Website. The website is updated frequently, so make it a practice to check in.

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Current Bid Opportunities have been updated

June 23, 2014 author: No comments

A new RFP has been added to the IIT Purchasing Web Site Current Bid Opportunities

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Updates to current RFPs are posted on IIT Purchasing Website

April 3, 2014 author: No comments

Please access the IIT Purchasing Website for an update to the RFP for Redevelopment and Operation of Bailey, Cunningham and Carman Halls.

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New Bid Opportunities are on the IIT Purchasing Website

March 19, 2014 author: No comments

Please follow this link to see the latest Bid Opportunities on the IIT Purchasing Website.



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Updating IRS W-9 Forms

February 24, 2014 author: No comments

IIT asks new vendors to provide IRS W-9 forms using the latest version only.  The current version was effective August of 2013 and can be found at:


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