The office of the Vice Provost for Student Access, Success, and Diversity Initiatives introduces Leadership & Education Through STEM (LET STEM) at Illinois Institute of Technology. LET STEM is a program that is meant to foster innovative programs in educational settings. This program consists of three phases: observation of current Illinois Tech programs, development and implementation support at their home institutions, and participation in programs at Illinois Tech.

Phase I: Observation
3 participants per cohort

During the observation stage of the program administrators will attend a two week session on our Mies campus in Chicago to learn about Illinois Institute of Technology’s premier programs. Participants of this program will be able to learn from and participate in Illinois Tech’s Global Leaders Program, Interprofessional Projects Program, Institute of Design, Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center, and IIE’s Global Experience Training (GET) program at Illinois Tech. Participants would also live on campus and participate in external cultural events.

This program is ideal for:

  • Senior administrators
  • Community leaders

Phase II: Development & Implementation
3 participants per cohort

During the development and implementation stage of the LET STEM program, participants who took part in the first stage are given additional mentorship support as participants work on development and implementation of their own programs based on what they witnessed during observation phase at Illinois Tech. This will include both group and individual mentoring sessions. Additionally, a member of the SASDI team will also travel to the location of each initiative to support the launching of the program for a duration of two to four days.


Phase III: Participation at Illinois Tech
5 participants per cohort (maximum 15)

Students will be given the opportunity to participate in summer research through the GET Program at Illinois Tech. They will also be given opportunities to visit additional programs housed at Illinois Tech and throughout the city of Chicago. Through participating in this program, students are meant to have gained leadership skills that will allow them to support the administrators, who participated in stage one and two of LET STEM, launch a new initiative.

This program is ideal for:

  • 2nd and 3rd year students


Illinois Tech is interested in working with colleagues at other institutions and organizations to develop a set of experiences that most fit everyone’s needs. For instance, organizations are able to take part in all three phases of the program or choose to participate in either the Observation and/or Student Participation stages of the program.


Cost will be dependent on how many phases and how many people are included in the program.


Contact Gladis Herst, Program Manager, Intercultural Outreach & Engagement, at