On Friday, November 4th, our scholars visited Chicago’s Metro Water Reclamation District.

Reflection below submitted by Paty Calderon, 2018 GLP Scholar Senior

I’m planning on pursuing environmental science and policy in college, so it was incredible to see how my interests could come together to 20161104_104734-minbenefit so many people in Greater Chicago. The job shadow day at Stickney really excited me because I realized how important the work MWRD does to protect the water of residents of Greater Chicago is, and it was really amazing to see a wide range of the different parts that come together for the common goal of providing this resource recovery. I think a lot of times people take for granted their resources or don’t understand all the processes that contribute to having clean water to drink, and it’s very important that the communities it serves understand the  work they do. Through the shadow day, I saw some of the different scientific processes and how they all came together for the common goal of treating waste water and being a resource recovery agency. The MWRD also has a place for policy, as well as science, which I thought was really interesting and something I want to be able to do in the future- find a job at a place that benefits the environment and communities of people while creating the connection between policy and science. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the MWRD and the great work they do for a day. I loved the way environmental issues are tackled through more than one viewpoint, because environmental decisions should be considered through economic, scientific, political, and social standpoints.
Overall, the MWRD really inspired me to continue pursuing environmental science and policy in college because they are creating real positive change through their work. I would really love the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible organization.

The next job shadow day is slated for January 16th for EDOVO Solutions, a Chicago founded hardware and software company that’s tackling prison recidivism one inmate at a time by providing relevant, contemporary individualized education. Our scholars will meet the app designers and minds that ensure all receive a quality education despite life’s past misfortunes.
Job Shadow Day – Metro Water Reclamation District
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