Name: Angelica Galvan

Current Institution: University of Michigan

Major: Engineering

GLP Class: 2016

Meet Angelica: Angelica Galvan is an alumni of the 2016 Global Leaders Program graduating class. She is a Posse Scholar and attends the University of Michigan as an Engineering major. She is currently most interested in the area of material science engineering. Angelica’s greatest achievement in college so far includes her involvement with undergraduate research in the UROP program at the University of Michigan. Read the Q&A below to learn about Angelica’s experience in college so far, and how GLP has prepared her for where she is today.

Q&A with Angelica Galvan:

What is the best part about your university?

“The best part about the University of Michigan is the research. I am a part of UROP which is one of the best research programs in the country.”

What is your favorite part about your major?

“I like that I can do a lot of things with engineering. I can go into research, academia, or work in industry. There are also lots of research fields. If I get bored with a specific topic, I can always switch. I also like that I have to incorporate information from, and collaborate with, other fields.”

How has GLP helped you prepare for college?

“The Global Leaders Program helped me the most in my Engineering 100 class where we had to work on a project with a group of students. There was a project I did with GLP where you had to collaborate with other students, set up with groups, and work together to finish a project. This project during GLP helped prepare me for the this class where the professor left it up to the group to get the work done.”

What challenges have you encountered since graduating high school? How have you addressed them?

“The transition was very rough. I think being in a new environment is very different. Homesickness is something you don’t expect yourself to feel until you are actually experiencing it. Everyone is so different. It took a while for me to find somewhere where I belonged because it is such a big university. I called home a lot but what helped me the most was the university lab which reminds me of my engineering shop back home. The research lab is a smaller community of people that I can go to so I don’t have to be overwhelmed by everything else.”

Anything that is surprising about college?

“It’s really hard- you don’t listen to everyone warning you about that and then you realize it is true. You won’t be the smartest in class and you have lots of work to do. Another surprising thing is having to grow up and realize you have to make adult decisions now. Apparently I have to file my taxes next semester and you also have to do your own laundry.”

What programs are you participating in if any?

“Other than research, I am a Posse scholar. We have one on ones with our mentors bi weekly, as well as biweekly group meetings. They are like my family on campus. Both of the posse mentors know a lot about the university, so they are good resources to have whenever I have a question.”

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

“Isn’t that the question … I just started writing my personal statement so I was thinking about this today. I want to go to graduate school, probably in material science, but I still haven’t decided between industry and academia. I’m looking into multiple internships so I can have both experiences. My current involvement in research definitely helps.”

What advice would you give seniors that are going to be freshmen in college?

“Don’t get senioritis- I had it, and I regret it. The hardest thing about being a senior is being positive and a good student even though you know you just have to graduate. You are going to just want to leave, but you shouldn’t slack off. Also, try to join something during your first year of college. Pick one thing and try it out- maybe something that reminds you of home to find your little community. It does a lot to relieve your stress. And pick a fun class to take. I’m currently taking Choir and wish I had taken a fun class last semester.”

Angelica and her research mentor Dr. Kendell Pawelec
Alumni Spotlight Interview: Angelica Galvan