A Message from Annie: Big News About GLP

I am excited to announce that Luke Chitwood is taking on leadership of the Global Leaders Program this Spring! Luke has been an invaluable member of GLP since October 2014, revolutionizing the way we support Scholars as leaders and prepare students for success in college and career. He is a remarkable educator and leader, always prioritizing each student while also making strategic programmatic decisions. I look forward to seeing the ways in which Luke’s leadership will continue GLP’s future growth and development!

As part of our team’s transition, Charlie Lindquist is also being promoted to manage college access programming and advising. He is passionate about guiding students to success, and in his time as GLP coordinator he has demonstrated his unique ability to connect with and support our Scholars. His expertise and dedication will continue to serve students exceptionally well. We are fortunate that Desmend Jetton will also continue his year of outstanding service to GLP as an AmeriCorps VISTA, extending our multi-year participation in the Illinois Campus Compact program.

I am happy to share that I will remain involved with the Global Leaders Program. I am taking on a broader role as Director of Illinois Tech’s new Early Career Communities initiative, which includes GLP. I will play a key role in GLP’s Community Innovation Projects, while also developing ways to best prepare students transitioning into college for their future careers.

We are all thrilled to be making transitions that support not only our professional growth, but the growth and success of the Global Leaders Program and Scholars. Join me in celebrating the news!

All the best,

Annie Littrell Senior

New leader’s note:

Luke Chitwood

I’ve heard many Scholars say that GLP has become a second home for them; I’m grateful that they also have welcomed me into such a vibrant, diverse, inspiring, and supportive community. GLP Scholars and staff became some of my first friends in Chicago, and I count myself incredibly fortunate to know and work with each and every one. I am thrilled for the opportunity to lead GLP as Manager of Programs, and I’m honored to continue the work of the leaders who built the program into what it is today. Our team has seen GLP grow and thrive in recent years, and I’m inspired by the prospect of continually enhancing our offerings to our Scholars while setting up GLP for sustained future success.

To our partners, supporters, volunteers, mentors, families, and the entire Illinois Tech community, I readily confess my bias – our Scholars indeed are some of the most incredible young people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. I look forward to continued partnership with you as we endeavor to empower students to lead and serve, to explore STEM, and to pursue higher education.

GLP Transition Announcement