“Empowering Innovators” 

Currently under development by GLP’s Luke Chitwood, “Empowering Innovators” is a project to assemble, organize, and communicate significant results, stories and insights from the first 8 years of the Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program (“GLP”). Originally known as the “IIT Boeing Scholars Academy,” GLP possesses a unique perspective and approach to Leadership Development, College Access, and outreach benefitting students underrepresented in STEM fields. Practically speaking, this will include sharing stories of specific Scholars and alumni of the program, compiling resources and curriculum, and detailing best practices. This project aims to preserve and freely share the program’s impact and collective knowledge, for the purpose of informing current and future efforts to benefit youth in the city of Chicago and beyond.

To succeed, this project must feature Scholar voices and draw insight from their perspectives. This befits the program’s empowerment-focused mission. Besides, our Scholars are brilliant in myriad ways, and have great wisdom to share.

We want to know things that were really helpful, and also things that were missing from your experience. We want the truth, so that future students have even better opportunities.  For anyone who is currently or has been a Scholar in GLP or BSA, we encourage you to take 10 minutes to share about your experiences in writing by responding to some of the short answer questions in this survey.

Questions for practitioners and others to consider:
  • From your context, what would be the most helpful information to learn about GLP (or a similar program)?
  • If you’re considering incorporating other resources or approaches into your own work, what do you look for or consider?
  • What written works or other resources most inform you or your organization’s current work?
  • Has your organization implemented or incorporated specific elements of another program or approach into your own work? If yes, please share about how this integration went, and what could have made it more successful. If no, please share about why the organization chose this course of action.
  • What questions about leadership development, college access, and/or how to better serve underrepresented youth are you or your organization most interested in answering at the moment?

With responses, comments, or other inquires, please reach out to Luke Chitwood, GLP Manager of Programs, via email at jchitwoo@iit.edu.

Empowering Innovators – welcoming educators and GLP Scholars to collaborate