Each year, GLP bases its summer session around a central theme to motivate its scholars and drive progress forward in the community. Some past themes have included: STEM in a Changing World (2016) and Designing Our Future (2017).

We are excited to announce this year’s summer theme… Design to Overcome!

Syed Quadri, a Global Leaders Program graduating senior, won our 2018 theme contest sent out to current students and alumni. The contest survey was created based on incoming student innovation applications highlighting violence, racism, and intolerance as key issues those students want to address. Our programming will reflect these interests and aims to give our scholars the tools they need to overcome them.

“I thought of the theme by thinking about how STEM fields are the way to introduce change in the world around us. The idea of overcoming with design can be as big or small as you make it, so it’s up to us to be the ambassadors of change in all aspects of our lives and surroundings. This theme will be a catalyst in helping us (the students) achieve that.” – Syed Quadri

Thank you for inspiring us and your fellow scholars, Syed! We hope everyone is just as excited as we are to begin the 2018 summer session! See you soon!

Summer Session 2018 Theme Announcement