The Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program is a selective program that brings a diversity of high-achieving students from around the Chicago area together. Students from across a wide range of backgrounds, neighborhoods, and experiences come together to share their voices and learn from each other. Our program values diversity, and seeks to increase access to STEM fields and higher education. Learn more about becoming a GLP Scholar.

100% of program alumni have enrolled in college

100% of Scholars say participation is a rewarding experience

98%  express an increased interest in STEM

100% of juniors reported increased confidence in their ability to impact the community through STEM-related activities

98% of all seniors report increased confidence in their ability to succeed in college

GLP Scholars have received prestigious awards from the Posse Foundation, the McKinsey Diverse Young Leaders Scholarship, The Carnegie Council, as well as millions of dollars of scholarship offers each year.

GLP Alumni are currently enrolled in a wide range of renowned institutions, including Ivy League schools like Harvard, Cornell, and Brown; technological institutes such as MIT, Georgia Tech, and IIT; and highly selective schools like Vanderbilt and Northwestern.