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Our Program

Over the course of two years, GLP Scholars participate in:

  • Four weeks of collaborative, project-based programming each summer.
  • The implementation of a Community Innovation Project of their own design during their junior year.
  • Step-by-step college advising and guidance during their senior year.
  • Workshops, field trips, and more career development opportunities throughout.

Each element of the program provides students with increasing agency and responsibility, such that Scholars leave the program with the ability to pursue higher education as critical thinkers and leaders.  Our approach is student-centered, and creates authentic learning experiences.

Our Vision

Voice: We build independence and develop leadership skills within a community-centered environment. Our curriculum is responsive to—and grounded in—issues and interests relevant to our Scholars.

Opportunity: We connect Scholars with STEM industry professionals, faculty, community members and other real-world stakeholders. We facilitate their access to higher education and career exploration.

Innovation: We provide opportunities for collaboration across disciplines to ideate, iterate, and implement solutions. We empower students to find their way forward.

Our Values

We seek diversity across the GLP community to represent Chicago and learn from each other;  collaboration within projects to share perspectives and innovate together; and reflection to create meaning and continue growing. Our values drive all programming throughout.

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