The Global Leaders Program believes strongly that as an organization we have a responsibility, indeed an obligation, to co-create exceptional and pioneering experiences in order to provide a foundation for current and future generations of educational leaders.We invite individuals, institutions, and communities to collaborate and partner with us.

Specifically, we invite advanced undergraduate and graduate and professional school students as well as faculty and research initiatives from other institutions with a focus on student affairs, career counseling, financial aid, philanthropy, institutional advancement, college access, after-school programming, economic and social policy to reduce poverty, inequality and to improve access, philosophy and other fields the opportunity to spend significant time in our office exploring these interests as they relate to a future career path.

Interns will work on a major project aligned with their goals; additional areas of responsibility will include engagement and involvement with the full range of programming and services available through the Global Leaders Program.

We strongly encourage expressions of interest from Chicago-area and Midwest colleges and universities.We will also explore remote internships across the U.S. and internationally, provided a willingness to invest 2 – 4 weeks with us in Chicago to understand our culture, philosophy, pedagogy, perspective and guiding principles.

While we have primarily co-created unique opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, we welcome mid-career, 2nd career and legacy career individuals who wish to (re)define their professional and personal trajectories through a substantial experience commensurate with your background as you seek to transform – in the image of MLK’s words – the “the long arc” of your life and career.

Finally, we would like to encourage corporations and firms (of all sizes) as well as foundations and other NGOs/CBOS who wish to develop a bespoke set of engagement opportunities for their employees and staff.

GLP interns begin throughout the academic year following an extensive conversation.

To learn more about these opportunities, or to discuss an additional venture which we might co-create for a transformative and breakthrough set of experiences in support of the Global Leaders Program, please contact Luke.

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