The Global Leaders Program invites educators and innovators to co-create and co-develop an applied and contextual adaptation of the Global Leaders Program. GLP’s approach to transformative, breakthrough ideation and action emphasizes the practice of design, systems and transition thinking, and capacity building, as well as the development of mindsets which promote agency, authority, identity, mastery and a (re)generative and evocative approach to leadership training.

We encourage you to join us in our efforts to develop U.S. and Global partners who will become GLP field of practitioners who are skilled at unleashing – through a student-centered and project-based approach – the potential of secondary school and university students.

You will be prepared to use the Global Leaders Program principles and approach to design and create a GLP program for your community through participation in our eight-week GLP program in Summer 2018, including:

  • Three weeks of immersive and intensive training and preparation
  • Four weeks of the formal GLP program
  • One week of reflection, debriefing and strategic planning

The next GLP training takes place from June – August 2018. Space will be limited. If you’re interested in participating in this program, send a message with a brief bio and why you’d like to become a GLP Facilitator and a GLP Affiliated Institution to Vice Provost Gerald Doyle, at

Let’s work together.

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