Thank you for your interest in getting involved with the Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program!

Each year’s cohort of  Scholars is comprised of around 100 bright, motivated, and curious high school students who were selected for participation in the program because of their outstanding commitment to academics, promise as future leaders, and vision for positively impacting their communities and the world through STEM fields. When you get involved with the Global Leaders Program, you not only help provide these young people with valuable experiences and guidance but also demonstrate your commitment to supporting the development of Chicago’s future leaders and the city at large. You may even inspire students to follow in your footsteps!

The Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program aims to change the landscape of Chicago’s education by bringing together a variety of the city’s resources in support of its students. We prioritize building high-impact partnerships which bring private, non-profit, and academic resources together in support of our students. Our partnerships increase our Scholars’ exposure to STEM professionals, STEM careers, mentorship opportunities, college access opportunities, and more.

We welcome contributions from college students, faculty, professionals, companies and organizations, Scholars’ family members, and others.

There are multiple ways support the Global Leaders Program.

If any of these opportunities interest you, please complete our volunteer application form.