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One of the most impactful ways to partner with our program is by getting involved with our Design Consulting Projects.

What are Design Consulting Projects?

Formerly known as Serving through STEM (StS) Projects, GLP’s Design Consulting Projects engage our Scholars in authentic, project-based learning experiences each summer. Project Partners identify a real challenge within their organizations that they would like a team of Scholars to address, leading to a mutually beneficial, real-world project during the month of July. Scholars work together in groups for 6 days to design a solution and present to partner organizations. 

Design Consulting Projects are intended to provide GLP Scholars with exposure to diverse problems and issues, experience contributing to a project in the real world, and a sense of how they can have a positive impact while using STEM skills.

What kinds of problems do partners pose?

The best proposals do not have one right or wrong solution. Instead, they pose a challenge that requires the creativity of bright young minds to address. The most successful Design Consulting Projects will describe problems for which partners are genuinely interested in discovering solutions.

For example, Scholars have designed improved Snack Packs for Teen Living Programs; developed engaging environmental solutions for Alliance for the Great Lakes; proposed the backbone for a youth volunteer service program for the Chicago Zoological Society; and many more!

What do partners do?
  • Submit a problem statement 
  • Introduce the problem to Scholars and answer questions for  1-3 hours in July
  • Give Scholars access to learn more about the problem and who it affects 
  • Recruit at least 2 colleagues to join them for a 1 hour presentation in which Scholars pitch their solutions
What does GLP do?
  • Covers all costs associated with supplies or transportation required to complete the project
  • Guides Scholars through a Design Thinking framework to address the problem statement
  • Gives recognition to all partners on our website each year
  • Scholars bring their intelligent, innovative perspectives to the proposed real-world problems
  • Scholars develop proposed solutions and delivers presentations to partners and stakeholders

Interested in submitting a Project Proposal? Submit one online or email Luke Chitwood at

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