The Global Leaders Program is committed to fostering important conversations about diversity, identity, and social justice on Illinois Tech’s campus. Each year, our trained staff facilitate discussions and interactive workshops on a wide range of diversity topics for the 100+ high school Scholars and undergraduate student staff who are a part of our community. Through these initiatives, we seek to provide opportunities for our students to reflect on their identity, gain exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences, and to empathize with others and their communities.

Professional Development Sessions & Training

We invite Illinois Tech faculty, staff, and students to attend the diversity-focused workshops and professional development trainings that we host throughout the year. These are trainings that we offer directly, in partnership with other offices on campus, or in collaboration with external organizations. Sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Civic Reflection for Educators | 5 Hours

In this day-long workshop led by the Center for Civic Reflection, participants learn best practices for facilitating discussions and practice leading small group civic reflections that focus on social and community issues. Participants receive a facilitation handbook with tips.

  • Circles of My Multicultural Self | 45 Minutes

In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to better understand their multicultural selves and the multicultural identities of others. Stereotypes, privilege, and personal experiences are all discussed.

  • Understanding Privilege | 1 Hour

In this workshop, participants will learn foundational concepts of privilege, discuss the relationship of privilege and oppression, and will have the opportunity to begin to examine their own privileges. Attendees participate in a ‘Privilege Walk’ and are provided with readings in advance.

  • Supporting First Generation and Underrepresented Students | 1 Hour

This workshop provides professionals with an opportunity to learn about best practices for supporting first generation college students, students of color, and low-income students as they pursue a higher education. Inequality in the Chicago education system, mentorship resources, and strategies for connecting students to campus and community resources are all discussed.

  • How to Be an Effective Ally for Undocumented Students | 1 Hour

In this workshop, participants will learn about the unique challenges that undocumented students face in their pursuit of higher education, as well as the tools and resources that they can use to support undocumented students. Barriers to education, current state legislation, and IIT specific resources are all discussed.

  • Primary Prevention of Gender Based Violence | 1.5 Hours

In this educational workshop, participants learn about strategies for preventing sexaul assault, dating violence, and stalking on college campuses before they occur. The connection between gender roles and violence, definitions of sexual assault and dating violence, and best practices for supporting survivors are all discussed.