Each summer, the Global Leaders Program selects a cohort of 12-15 undergraduate students to serve as Program Instructors and Interns for our summer session. In addition to mentoring high school Scholars for 4-weeks during the summer, these cohorts receive three weeks and 120 hours of paid intensive professional development, mentorship from GLP full-time GLP staff, leadership development, and career guidance and advising. This experience empowers undergraduate students to enhance their leadership and develop new and important skills that they can apply on their college campuses and in their careers.


Over the course of 3 weeks of professional development, GLP summer staff enhance their leadership through:

Diversity Training – During summer training GLP staff engage in open discussions on diversity, background, and privilege that enable them to develop empathy and cultural awareness. We believe that these skills empower students to be changemakers on their college campuses.

Group Facilitation – Undergraduate staff participate in a series of intensive training sessions with the Center for Civic Reflection and GLP staff on best practices for facilitating discussions. Staff practice leading discussions with each other during training. Over the course of the 4 week summer session, staff facilitate STEM project challenges, service-focused design projects with partner companies and organizations, and daily group reflections with clusters of 15-17 high school Scholars.

Leadership Theory – Summer staff learn about the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and diverse approaches to – and styles of – leadership. Staff apply this knowledge to set leadership goals for themselves.

Mentoring Skills – Summer staff learn about best practices for mentoring youth, with specific emphasis on respecting the experiences of those from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM.


Summer staff explore potential career paths, interests, and increase their professionalism by participating in the following trainings:

Design Thinking – Led by Illinois Institute of Technology and Northwestern University faculty, GLP staff participate in intensive training on the design thinking process, an engineering problem solving framework. Staff learn how to utilize this framework to innovate, support Scholars, and solve problems that they care about on their own campuses and in their communities.

Assessments – Summer staff receive access to leadership and career assessments, such as StrengthsQuest and YouScience, and participate in workshops where they unpack how their results can help inform their career path.

Resume Workshops – Illinois Tech Career Services conducts resume-editing workshops, and summer staff learn to incorporate their experience with GLP into their resume and discuss how the skills they’ve gained can transfer to their career interests and paths.

Goal Setting & Self-exploration – Summer staff set professional development goals and challenge themselves to explore untapped strengths and interests through their positions.

Networking – Summer staff have the opportunity to network with prospective employers at Career Fairs and graduate programs at the Scholars College Fair.


Communication – Summer staff enhance their interpersonal and professional communication skills by networking with external partners, leading large group discussions and activities, and problem solving with a team of 12-15 colleagues.

Confidence – Summer staff develop confidence in their ability to lead and mentor others, to identify and address problems that they encounter, and to challenge themselves to see perceived individual weakness as opportunities for growth.

Identity – Through discussions on diversity, privilege, and background, GLP summer staff grow as empathetic leaders and understand the importance of being culturally aware on their campuses, in their communities, and careers.

Understanding Service & Educational Equity – GLP summer staff develop an understanding of the importance of serving others and increasing access to education for all


“I’m leaving this program with more experience in interacting with people and in classroom facilitation…I’ve also learned a lot about my identity and my character as a person.” – Shameemah, 2016 Summer Program Instructor, Illinois Tech ‘18

“I’m leaving this program more confident and as a better leader. My ability to facilitate and guide individuals towards completing tasks has grown a great deal. I plan on using these skills within the classroom at school and professionally in order to be a role model for others.” – Nathaniel, 2016 Summer Program Instructor, McGill University ‘19