What do Scholars do each summer? Learn, serve, and lead—together!

Each summer, Scholars come to campus for four weeks to participate in a variety of STEM projects and collaborative activities. During the summer, Scholars will…

Hone problem-solving skills with a design thinking workshop led by Illinois Tech’s world class Institute of Design. This workshop will introduce Scholars to the iterative design process, requiring them to define a problem, understand users, and collaborate to prototype and propose solutions.

Learn about interconnected issues and global challenges. Issues Forums feature interdisciplinary speakers sharing different perspectives on a topic of interest. Afterwards, students work together on Project Challenges, hands-on, problem-centered classroom project, modeled on the speakers’ themes  and requiring students to think critically as they collaborate, innovate, and discuss ideas.

Make an impact with Serving through STEM projects. These projects are completed over the course of six days in the summer, as Scholars contribute to a mutually beneficial project in the real world and develop a real outcome for partner organizations. StS Projects are intended to provide Scholars with exposure to STEM issues, experience contributing to a project in the real world, and a sense of how they can have a positive impact while using STEM skills.Examples have included developing a mobile application interface, designing innovative solutions for urban agriculture and green space, creating a method for tracking attendance across events and many, many more.

Get a head start on the college application process. Starting their junior year and continuing through their senior year, Scholars participate in college fairs, college visits, and workshops to prepare them for their next steps. Summers get Seniors ready for their individualized, focused college advising.

Develop as leaders. Juniors begin working on their Community Innovation Projects, and all Scholars participate in an annual Ethics Bowl, a team-building Iron Oaks adventure course, civic group reflections, and more!

Each summer has its own unique theme, allowing Scholars to delve into topics that matter to them. Read more about our most recent summer and specific programming here.

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