Our 2018 Summer Session will run from weekdays July 9th – July 27th from 10am to 4pm.

Our overview calendar is available, as is our Frequently Asked Questions for Admitted Students document for more information.

Summer 2018 theme: Design To Overcome

(Summer 2017’s theme)

What will Scholars do this summer?

Through a variety of exciting STEM projects and community engagement collaborations, Scholars will learn, serve, and lead together.

Week 1: Design Thinking & Team Building:

Scholars will participate in a design thinking workshop. This workshop will introduce students to the iterative design process, requiring them to define a problem, understand users, and collaborate to prototype and propose solutions. From developing their Innovation Projects to working on college applications, Scholars will regularly use this innovative framework throughout their two years in the program.

Scholars additionally will go on a field trip to Iron Oaks Learning Center to participate in their team-building course in order to build trust and support, encourage effective communication, and develop teamwork skills.

Week 2 & 3: Design Consulting (DC)


During Weeks 2-3 of our summer program, each Scholar will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Design Consulting Project, which will give Scholars valuable experience contributing to a real-world project. Curriculum for DC Projects has been developed in collaboration with IIT’s Institute of Design, and culminates in a product pitch opportunity, where Scholars present potential solutions to issues posed by partner companies and organizations.

DC projects will take place during the regular program day (over six days), but each has its own unique schedule and field trips as well as a different assignment to complete for a real stakeholder. These projects are offered in partnership with faculty members, research centers, and organizations, with Program Staff serving as facilitators.

Week 3: Junior and Senior Immersion

During week 3 of the program Juniors will begin working on their year-long Community Innovation Projects and Seniors will begin the college application process.

2018 DC Partners:

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Junior ScholarsCommunity Innovation Projects

Community Innovation Projects (CI Projects) are academic year projects during which Junior Scholars identify a problem in their community and work in teams to develop and implement a solution. During the summer, Juniors will do a deep delve into the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and reflect on social problems in Chicago that they are passionate about.

Senior ScholarsCollege Research & Applications

Senior Scholars will begin the college research and application process. Scholars will research a diverse range of college ‘fit factors’, begin drafting their personal statements, and create college lists. These workshops will prepare Scholars to complete and submit college applications this fall.

Summer 2018 Program Team

Summer Director:

Eleni Maicher graduated from UMass-Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies, and from UConn-Storrs with a Master of Arts in Educational Technology many, many years ago. She has been teaching since 2007, and is passionate about engaging students in the STEM fields. She currently teaches both mathematics and French to 9th, 10th, and 12th graders at Golder College Prep, and she is excited to be directing the Global Leaders Program this summer. It is inspiring to be able to work with students who are just as passionate about learning and being active global citizens as she is! Outside of teaching, Eleni coaches volleyball, runs a knitting and crocheting club, and loves to read and to take her dog to the beach.


Program Instructors:

Amy Argentar is a rising sophomore at Boston University. She was born and raised in Chicago and is a proud GLP alum. Ever since she knew what it was, Amy has always been interested in doing what she can to stop climate change, and consequently her major is Environmental Analysis and Policy. Specifically, she loves working with nonprofits and raising awareness and local advocacy about the issue – her Community Innovation Project during her junior year at GLP accomplished a similar goal! Amy hopes to use leadership in policy and economics to make our energy sources sustainable and widely available. She loves traveling and hopes to study abroad in New Zealand soon. Amy is also very passionate about music and theatre and will take any opportunity to help expose youth to the power of the arts. She participated in a number of plays and musicals in high school and college, and has been playing piano her whole life. In her free time, Amy loves trying new foods, baking Buzzfeed recipes (poorly), doing/watching improv shows, writing, and walking all over cities with her friends. As an alum of the program, Amy is very excited to be a Program Instructor and can’t wait to meet, teach, be a role model for, and of course have a ton of fun with the scholars!


Firdaus Boufath is a rising sophomore at Loyola University-Chicago. She is majoring in History, minoring in Biology, and is Pre-Medicine. Her extracurricular activities generally involve just sitting by the beach and enjoying the lakefront view. Firdaus is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and plans to volunteer with the Loyola Emergency Medical Services the upcoming year. She also will be a RA for first year honor students, this year. She is excited to be a Program Instructor following her previous involvement with the program as a scholar, CI Project Assistant, and CI Project Mentor. She enjoys helping scholars find their interests, passions, and she enjoys learning from each scholar’s unique identities and specialties. For leisure, Firdaus is often found staring at the lake, painting, or playing basketball.


Stacy Lam was born and raised in Chicago and went to Von Steuben Metropolitan High School. She is an alumna of the Global Leaders Program and is a rising senior  at Trinity College and is majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Electrical. Stacy is so grateful to have the opportunity to come back to the Global Leaders Program because as a first generation student, she received immense support in the college process and would love to help out any way that she can! Here are some fun facts about her: She spent the last four months in Trinidad and Tobago as well as a week in Cuba, LOVES ice coffee, and enjoys hiking. Lastly, she is super excited to be with all of the scholars this summer!


Vincent Zarate is a rising third year student at Vassar College where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Film with a correlate (minor) in Religion. He is an alum of the program as well as a returning staff member, having worked as the College Access Intern for the 2017 Summer Session. He is interested in the intersection of science and the humanities and hopes to further explore this topic throughout the rest of his college experience. At Vassar, Vincent is involved in a plethora of activities including WVKR, the school’s radio station; VCTV, a club dedicated to creating original episodic shows; and Wordsmiths, the Vassar College poetry club. In his free time, Vincent enjoys discovering and listening to new music, skateboarding, and writing. He is very excited to work with all of the brilliant scholars, and is looking forward to a great summer with GLP!


Alouki Shah is a rising third year Architectural Engineering major at Illinois Institute of Technology and hopes to work specifically towards sustainable building systems in the future.  She is involved in various student organizations on campus such as UNICEF, Society of Women Engineers, and Love To Dance. At Illinois Tech, she holds a student supervisor position for Recreational Sports and Fitness and enjoys organizing intramural sports events for students and faculty. In her spare time, Alouki enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, and discovering new restaurants in the city. She is very excited to join the Global Leaders team as a program instructor and build long term connections with the talented scholars!


Nathan Bahadursingh is a rising fourth year undergraduate at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is originally from Toronto, Ontario, but lived in Chicago for the majority of his life. Nathan is an Urban Systems major with a double minor in International Development and World Cinemas. This is his third year working as a program instructor at GLP. He is very interested in studying the world’s varying urban environments and the urban processes that shape them. Nathan hopes to study and ultimately develop ways in which to create better, more sustainable urban infrastructures in areas that lack the needed economic and political resources. This is his third year working as a program instructor at GLP. Aside from academics, Nathan’s hobbies include listening to and discovering new music, playing soccer, and making short films. He is very excited to meet and interact with the scholars this summer, and aims to be a positive role model for them.


Program Interns:

Lead Partnership Development Intern

Fiona Kalensky is excited to be working with the students and staff of the Global Leaders Program as an Americorps Summer VISTA. Fiona is currently pursuing Systems Engineering & Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2016, Fiona founded Therapalz, where she and a team of engineers designed and developed patent pending, therapeutic companion robots to engage Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients while alleviating the stress and costs associated with caregiving. Therapalz. Fiona is honored to be working with GLP this summer and hopes to provide assistance to students curious about entrepreneurship. Outside of GLP, Fiona can be found attending summer Millennium Park concerts, studying bio-mimicry, playing viola and writing poetry.

Communications Intern

Scarlett O’Hara is a rising second year Journalism student with the City Colleges of Chicago and GLP alum, as well as lifetime Chicago resident and 2017 graduate of Walter Payton College Prep. Serving the Global Leaders Program as a Communications Intern and Americorps Summer VISTA excites her, as she simply hopes to give back in whatever ways she can to a program that has given so much to her – from new perspectives, resources, to a lifetime network of incredible people. In her spare time, she likes to play softball, watch action movies, work at a dog groomer, and write for her neighborhood quarterly newspaper. She hopes to  continue her studies at a 4-year university in 2019 and potentially pursue a career in either broadcast or traditional print journalism. Scarlett looks forward to getting to know all of the scholars and documenting their experiences, so if a scholar sees Scarlett around this summer, they not be shy and say hi!