The Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion was lucky to have two students from IIT Perspectives Charter School, Regyna and Tavon, intern with our office over the Winter term. Regyna and Tavon helped us research academic enrichment programs for Chicago youth, assisted in the development of a Bronzeville community resource card, and participated in professional development and college planning workshops. Thank you Regyna and Tavon for all of your hard work!


You can read Regyna and Tavon’s reflections on interning with our office below:


Regyna, SCDI Intern
Regyna, SCDI Intern

“During my time here as an intern I have learned a lot . This experience really has helped me develop myself more professionally and i know this experience will have a great impact on my future, when becoming more independent and getting ready for the real world . one advantage that it will have on my future is knocking some competition out when i’m applying for colleges because i will no more things than the average, which gives me a better chance in getting accepted into the college i want because knowledge is the key to success . I really appreciate this great opportunity, being able to explore a real college campus / university before my time. This has advanced my education on alot of things such as : how to write a great resume , teaching me the importance of being punctual and prepared , and guiding me threw the first steps of applying for colleges . I really enjoyed my time here . The things that were the most fun was researching IIT’S history , spending time with the friendly scdi staff and the great lunch. i really look forward to visiting the campus more often.”

Tavon, SCDI Intern

“What I have learned at IIT is to have better communication skills. I say this because having good communication skills means that I am able to talk to anyone if I need help. As an intern at IIT I enjoyed working with the Staff because they taught me how to type a professional resume and also taught me how important it is to go to college and the importance of speaking up when something is wrong. The internship will help me in the future by helping me be more prepared for college. It also helps me by giving me more options on what i want to do in the future, such as graphic design. I thank IIT for helping me with important information when i needed it to type my resume. I also thank them for helping change my mindset about college because, now i am striving for a full scholarship.”

Thank You IIT Perspectives Interns!