At the end of the year the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Access, Success, and Diversity Initiatives (SASDI) likes to celebrate the work that our student assistants do for our team. On an average week our student assistants put in over 100 hours of work for the SASDI main office, Career Services, Student Employment Office, and Global Leaders Program. Without their hard work and innovative ideas we wouldn’t be able to get nearly as much work done to support our initiatives. Whether answering the phones, creating new office systems, or helping with STEM curriculum, our students are always happy to do any work that is requested of them. This is all on top of the work they do as students!






Thank you once again, to all of our student assistants. The SASDI team looks forward to seeing each and everyone of you at our office or on campus next year. A special thanks to our graduating seniors Dan Harvey and Brian Farci.


We couldn’t do our work without our student assistants