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Hi, I’m Lucas and I’m a student studying abroad in Chicago from Brazil.

My most favorite studying abroad experience would have to be playing soccer for IIT. I really enjoyed the professional aspect of the team experience; the team was very professionally structured which pushed all of the players to give the best effort during practices and games. Unlike playing for college soccer teams in Brazil, there is a lot more high quality staff and equipment to help to contribute to the performance of the team. My family was also able to watch almost all the games online, on the Hawks website, which was really great! I really enjoyed playing with my teammates and made a lot of really good friends. All of the players on the team were very talented which contributed to a certain level of competition which pushed me to become a better player. Overall, I will miss playing for the team next season when I go back to Brazil, and I will cherish all the friends and memories that I have made.

Civil Engineering
At Illinois Tech during 2015/16


Study Abroad, Illinois Tech, and Soccer