Over the next nine weeks, we’ll dive into each of the 34 strengths of the CliftonStrengths assessment. Read about the Achiever and WOO (Winning Others Over) strengths below. For an overview of the CliftonStrengths Assessment, read our introductory blog post.


Are you someone who loves to check things off your ‘to do’ list? Do you measure your success each day by what you completed? Perhaps you are always thinking about what you can accomplish next? If so, your drive to achieve may be one of your top strengths.

People with the Achiever strength are known for their ability to get stuff done. They have a natural drive to set and accomplish their goals. Productivity matters, and the Achiever typically sets the pace on the team with their great deal of stamina.

You might be an Achiever if any of the following statements ring true….

You are: a hard worker.

You bring: intensity and stamina of effort.

You need: freedom to work at your own pace.

You love: completing tasks.

You hate: a lack of diligence.


Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you easily turn strangers into friends? Are you often praised for your natural ability to break the ice and connect with those around you? If so, Winning Others Over (WOO) might be one of your top strengths.

People with WOO are rarely intimidated by strangers and take every opportunity to connect with someone they don’t yet know. They are able to make build rapport quickly and make genuine connections with people they meet. Those with WOO bring energy to social situations and act as a catalyst in helping people connect with one another.

You might have WOO as one of your top talents if any of the following resonate:

You are: socially outgoing

You bring: energy to social situations

You need: social variability

You love: meeting someone new

You hate: a static or shrinking network

To complete the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment and find out if you have Achiever or WOO as your top Strengths, contact strengths@iit.edu.

Artwork by Fatima Azfar

Uncovering Talent with CliftonStrengths: Achiever and WOO