Illinois Tech is home to 7 fraternities, 3 sororities, and 1 governing council. Each month, the presidents gather at President Round Table (PRT) meetings to share ideas, challenges, and successes pertaining to the fraternity and sorority community, which is comprised of 350 students.

On March 29th, Career Services and Residence and Greek Life partnered on a StrengthsFinder workshop during PRT. Eight presidents engaged in activities to explore their top strengths. Tracy Skala and Elyse Yarnell from Career Services led the presidents in a discussion about how leaders can play into their strengths. They also shared that people are happier in work places that celebrate strengths.

The presidents had the opportunity to share their successes over the past week and connect their unique strengths to each example. They considered the similarities and differences between their top strengths and brainstormed ways they can put their natural talents into action. At the end of the session, the presidents of each chapter determined individual steps forward to utilize their strengths and strengthen their teams.

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About the Author

Vicki Gerentes is the Greek Life Coordinator, and also serves as a Career Services Liaison to bridge the connections between fraternal organizations and Career Services.

Uncovering Talent: Fraternity and Sorority Life Edition
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