Over the next several weeks, we’ll dive into each of the 34 strengths of the CliftonStrengths assessment. Read about the Communication and Positivity strengths below.


Do you find it easy to put thoughts into words. Are you a good conversationalist and presenter? Do you like to explain, describe, host, present and write? If so, you might have a strong “Communication” talent.

People with the “Communication” talent enable them to bring ideas and events vividly to life. They turn thoughts and actions into stories, images, examples, and metaphors. They want their information — whether an idea, an event, a discovery, or a lesson — to captivate the audience. This drives them to hunt for the perfect phrase and draws them toward dramatic words or powerful statements.

You might have “Communication,” if you identify with any of the following statements:

You are: verbally expressive

You bring: attention to messages that must be heard

You need: a sounding board, an audience

You love: stories and storytellers

You hate: experience without expression


Are you generous with praise, quick to smile, always on the lookout for the upside of the situation? Do you bring enthusiasm to people, groups, and organizations, and can stimulate others to be more productive and hopeful? If so, “Positivity” might be one of your top strengths.

People with strong Positivity have contagious enthusiasm. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do. They are optimistic, hopeful, and fun-loving. They find ways to make everything more exciting and more vital.

You might have Positivity in your top strengths if you identify with any of the following statements:

You are: optimistic, hopeful, fun-loving

You bring: contagious energy and enthusiasm

You need: freedom to experience the joy and drama of life

You love: living life to its fullest

You hate: negative people who drain the life out of others

Want to find out more? Contact strengths@iit.edu to take the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment and find out if you have “Communication” and “Positivity” as your top Strengths.

Uncovering Talent with CliftonStrengths: Communication and Positivity