Over the next several weeks, we’ll dive into each of the 34 strengths of the CliftonStrengths assessment. Read about the Intellection and Consistency strengths below. For an overview of the CliftonStrengths Assessment, read our introductory blog post.


Do you think before speaking? Are you someone who likes to plan out agendas or talking points before meetings? Do you equate “thinking” to “doing”? If so, you might have “Intellection” as one of your top strengths.

People with the “Intellection” strength find value in intellectual activity. They need to process information internally before taking action, and often follow up with internal processing as well. Those with “Intellection” enjoy their alone time to reflect and ideate. Often times, these folks are compared to introverts.

You might have Intellection in your top strengths if you identify with any of the following statements:

You are: conceptual, deep and solitary

You bring: depth of understanding and wisdom

You need: time for reflection and meditation

You love: the theoretical

You hate: a thoughtless approach to anything



Do you believe that everyone should be treated equally? Do you need a sense of balance in your life and career? If so, you may have “Consistency” as one of your top strengths.

People with “Consistency” believe there is order in the rules and expectations. They do not like it when the scale is tipped in anyone’s favor and seek to treat all people the same. Work is better if everyone has a clear idea of what they should be doing. People with “Consistency” can remain impartial when faced with conflict and seek the truth before making decisions.  

You might have “Consistency,” if you identify with any of the following statements:

You are: more interested in group needs than individual needs

You bring: rules and policies

You need: standard operating procedures

You love: repeating things in the exact same way

You hate: unnecessary customization

Want to find out more? Complete the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment and find out if you have Intellection or Consistency as one of your top Strengths, contact strengths@iit.edu.

Uncovering Talent with CliftonStrengths: Intellection and Consistency