The fourth semester of the Dragon Slayer: Designing YOUR Future IPRO ended this week with another set of outstanding final projects designed to help the Illinois Tech student community. Two teams were asked to choose a student demographic and create a tangible resource that addresses the issues faced by those students.

One group developed a toolkit for students in their first year at Illinois Tech and designed a website to host the material.

Another group created a Changing Your Major Guide for students who are considering changing their major.

Both resources are valuable tools that will support students for years to come. In addition to designing tools for the Illinois Tech community, students in the IPRO course went through a series of reflective exercises to help form their personal and professional narrative. Here’s what student have to say about the class:

Dragon Slayer is an IPRO that I recommend to any student, regardless of their major and educational level. It is unlike any other course in that it is tailored to you and your needs to better yourself whether, socially, professionally, or simply managing life as a young adult. I truly benefited because I put a deep insight into the class.

This class gave me the opportunity to think about my career from a more personalize perspective. It showed me how to think about what I do best and how I can use that to my benefit.

A great “change of pace” course from other courses, even other IPROs. You get to finally work on yourself and your own personal development, for once.

This is one of the more tangible classes at IIT that teaches skills that will be applicable post graduation and further.

For more information about the course, reach out to Tracy Skala ( and Elyse Yarnell (

Designing YOUR Future with IPRO