Illinois Tech is a prominent Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics university. Being an institute of technology means our graduates must be prepared to navigate a STEM infused hiring process different from their liberal arts peers. Here are some resources to ace your next STEM/technical interview. 

  1. Prepping for Technical Interviews:

Many of our Information Technology Management, Computer Science, and Data Science graduates will encounter technical assessment before being offered a position. For many technical roles, this will require a phone call or video call screening. If an applicant passes the initial screening, they  progress through subsequent rounds that may encompass:


  • Whiteboarding Interview


Though controversial, the whiteboard interview is the modus-operandi to gauge computer related technical acumen.  There are multiple resources that students can use including career accelerators(CodeBreakers, Outco, Pathrise,Wallbreakers), self-study (LeetCode, HackerRank), and paid study materials (AlgoExpert, Interview Cake).


  • Take-Home Assessment/Coding Challenge


Usually a week long, the take-home coding challenge determines if the interviewee can build features over time. This method is gaining more popularity as it allows people with various technical backgrounds a more practical option to access their problem solving skills. Further, employers can see the finished product over time if the applicant uses any version control and will send back with critiques after the assignment deadline. Illinois Tech students should make sure to practice version control in class assignments and continue to build projects over breaks (especially if they are lacking in internship/employment history). 

  1. Having a Portfolio Prepared

Engineering, Architecture, ITM, and CS majors will benefit from showcasing their work. Complemented with a resume, this allows an employer to see details that words can’t accurately display. Engineers and architects can list their projects on LinkedIn or use Adobe Portfolio, which is free for all Adobe Suite subscribers. Engineers and architect students can continue to advance their portfolio by finding tutorials on employer-at-large software. Further, portfolio reviews give you the chance to convey passion and articulate your skills to employers.

STEM hiring interviews gauge problem-solving with teammates, ingenuity, and a results oriented approach to hiring. Similar to liberal arts graduates- communication, leadership, and critical thinking are all skills that will transfer from your studies and interview into the workplace. By utilizing the above resources, you will grow in your preparedness of STEM/technical interviews.

ACING STEM & Technical Interviews