By: Peer Career Coach Yunuen Rodriguez

You did it !!! You took the most difficult classes that IIT has to offer. You took on various class projects, part-time jobs, internships, and extracurriculars. You spent restless days and nights studying and attaining as much knowledge humanly possible so that when the time comes, a reputable company like Amazon, Google or Apple recognizes your hard-work and offers you an amazing job.

Stop! Before you overthink your life and career, just remember that not everything works out the way we want to, and that’s fine, just remember to keep pushing forward. 

In this blog post, Peer Career Coach Aman Agarwal, a second-year master’s student majoring in computer science, was interviewed. He discusses some details about how he obtained a job at Amazon, what steps he took to arrive where he is, and shares some key tips for any student who plans to apply to reputable companies.

  1. “Take rejections as motivation.”

*Aman applied to almost 600 companies through many portals and received only 5 invites.

  1. Start early.

*Applications close between January and February for most companies. If you apply late, your resume will NOT be looked at.

  1. Do you require sponsorship ? 

*International students: Always answer “YES.” If you say no you will NOT be sponsored.

  1. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook.

*Use LinkedIn to network with recruiters, employers, and attend meetups and events.

  1. Technical skills are more important.

*False! Technical and “soft skills” are equally important. Prepare yourself for questions in regards to both.

  1. Don’t apply.

*This is the WORST advice Aman has been given by friends. Simply because others didn’t get hired doesn’t mean you won’t. Give your best and keep in mind that there’s numerous factors that determine who large companies hire.

  1. Professionalism is key.

*Spend about 2 minutes looking at the job requirements and show that you are a multidomain individual.

  1. Network!

*Networking is how jobs are obtained. If you land an interview, remember that ”you are the driver.” Interview the company as well.


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