By: Peer Career Coach Maira Zamir

Ever feel like you’re like a needle in a haystack as you see a long line of students just like you vying for that coveted intern position at a big famous firm at your school’s career fair? This is the point where you probably realise that you have to do something in order to stand out, that extra oomph factor to be more noticeable and the best way to do that is branding yourself. Right then, let’s explore these simple steps on how to brand yourself:


  1. Have a graphic design style for all your documents and stick to it:
    Not only will this make all your resumes and cover letter documents look more consistent but it will also get the message across to your employer that you know what you like and are focused/organised enough that it reflects in your work. Also, if all your documents have the same style, then an employer will automatically be able to recognize that it is yours if they have seen any of your previous work. This is a great way to make an employer remember you.
  2. Maintain the same personality on all social media platforms:
    Unless it’s a private account, keeping a similar style on social media platforms is a good way to show your personality to an employer who has never met you. You can use  your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to demonstrate your personality. That means keeping your profile picture the same across multiple networks for consistency, as well as maintaining an identical, or at least uniform, “About Me” section as well.
  3. Keep all networking platforms updated with your latest information:
    As you update any social media profile to include your latest or  upcoming projects and academic accomplishments, be sure to post the information on all of your platforms. Keeping a reminder to update all information on google calendar helps.

Be well connected:
Now that we have set some ground rules on how to brand yourself,  it is essential to also market it.  You don’t want to put in all that effort just so only 2-3 people see your profile. Put yourself out there. Always keep printed resumes, cover letters with you just in case you meet a promising employer. Making a business card is also a creative way to keep yourself in the loop. Join LinkedIn groups to connect with others who focus on your field and expertise. You can also upload your email contacts into LinkedIn so you can connect with more people online using the “Add Connections” feature on the platform.This way you can build your network – and your credibility. You can also follow hashtags on Twitter, so you can stay current and earn new followers.

Personal branding doesn’t have to be a tedious job. If you put in some effort, you are actively creating a strong footing for yourself in the big bad professional world. It is a great opportunity to let your personality shine! – so have fun with it and don’t forget to be authentic to yourself. 

Branding 101: How to Make Employers Notice You