Edited By: Devyani Gauri

Mrugami Mahadik graduated in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She is currently working as a Consulting Analyst at Accenture within their Strategy and Consulting Applied Intelligence practice. Part of her job is to use Data Science and Machine Learning to provide optimum solutions to the clients.

What were the most meaningful/important experiences you had while you were at IIT?

One of the most important experiences at IIT was attending the career fair and be able to network with different firms. 

Did you have an internship or co-op during your undergrad? If so, how did you go about finding the internship/co-op and how was it helpful to you?

Yes, I had 3 internships throughout my undergrad. I worked at a startup called 4Here Corp. as a software developer and I found that opportunity through a mutual friend of the startup’s founder. Next summer, I was introduced to an internship at Goldman Sachs through an IIT alumni working there who I met through the career fair. I interned there as a Software Developer. Then I did a co-op at BMW as an iOS Developer and that opportunity was introduced by one of my friends at IIT who was currently interning there.

How did you find the job you’re in right now, and what helped you be prepared for a job right out of college? 

I got introduced to Accenture through another IIT alumni who works there currently. My previous internships helped a lot in preparing for my current job. Additionally, some of  the IIT alumni currently working at Accenture coached and guided me in how to navigate through my career at the firm. 

Do you have any advice for someone coming into IIT right now?

My advice would be to develop skills outside of class and to look for internships early on. What really helped me during my time at IIT was to attend different events hosted my ACM and other orgs who tried to bring opportunities to school. I think being proactive and making smart choices would take you a long way.

Do you have any advice for new graduates from IIT?

For anyone who is graduating or has graduated, my recommendation would be to find and leverage IIT alumni across different firms. 8 out of 10 of them might not help you initially but don’t lose hope and keep reaching out to others. And finally, when you do have an opportunity, don’t forget to give back to your school by helping other students.


Alumni Spotlight: Mrugami Mahadik