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Get Connected

This is a continuation of our series focused on campus student organizations that promote professional development. The purpose of this series is for students to hear the thoughts and opinions of fellow students about on campus organizations. We hope this series encourages students to get involved and stay connected while advancing themselves professionally. We would like you to take one or two things from these responses and hopefully find them helpful.

We asked members of ASME and BMES the following questions about their experience with being involved in a professional student organization:

  • How have you benefited professionally from being involved in an on-campus org?
  • What has been your favorite experience from your involvement in the org?
  • What is something you wish you knew before joining an org?
  • Would you recommend joining a professional student org to other students? Why?
  • What is one piece of advice you have for students hesitant to join an org?
  • If applicable, how has Career Services helped you and your org?

Organization: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Student Name: Julia Briden

I have benefited professionally from being involved with the American Society of American Engineers (ASME) by applying concepts from my courses to real-world problems. In the Student Design Competition, we create robots to solve a specific problem in the most efficient way. Previously, we designed and constructed a robot to compete in a robot soccer competition. Before beginning this project, I had a basic understanding of solid mechanics and coding for Arduinos. Participating in the robot design team helped me apply my solid mechanics knowledge as well as gain a sense of intuition for dimensioning and tolerancing with Computer-Aided Design Software. In addition, I learned new concepts in electrical engineering to control robot steering and actuation.

Another benefit of my involvement with ASME is the professional network I’ve gained. The International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) and Engineering Fest (E-Fest) conferences have provided the opportunity to meet other students, professors, and industry leaders who share my unique interests. My favorite experience from ASME is traveling to Pittsburgh to compete in the Nationals for the Student Design Competition. It was fun traveling around Pittsburgh with my team and working together to troubleshoot electrical problems for our robot.

I wish I knew how accepting other students are in ASME. Coming in, I was a little shy and I was not sure how involved I would be able to be in projects because I had taken very few undergrad classes. After only a few weeks I realized I could be much more involved in the design process than I expected. Other members were very accepting and excited to help me with any questions I have. I would recommend joining a professional student org because of the many technical and professional experiences you have access to. If you are hesitant to join, don’t be afraid to email the organization or just sign up as a member to get more information.


Get Connected:

Instagram: @asme.iit Website:https://iit.presence.io/organization/american-society-of-mechanical-engineers

Organization: Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Student Name: Deborah Adesina

Being part of a professional student organization on campus has helped me connect with people in the BME industry. I have also gotten the privilege of meeting professors through the sessions and talks that are held. I have had the opportunity to attend conferences through them and made more connections. My favorite experiences so far have been attending conferences. I have gotten to meet people who are respected in this field and have had them share knowledge with me.

I wish I had known how easy and accessible becoming a member and going for conferences was. I was able to go for a conference immediately I joined.

I would definitely recommend it to other students because of the benefits, the biggest one being making connections and attending conferences.

For those who are hesitant, I think you should join. These networking skills developed through on campus organizations will possibly make networking and building a career after graduation easier.

Career services have been super helpful by coming to our GBMs to present on important topics such as resume building and giving presentations on how to make connections.

Get Connected:

Email: bmes@iit.edu, Instagram: bmes_iit, Facebook: BMES IIT

Get Connected: Why You Should Join a Student Organization Pt 3