By: Peer Career Coach Maira Zamir

If you’ve landed the internship, spend your time preparing to make the best impression possible. Here are some helpful tips that you might want to go through before starting your internship:

Speak out
The most outstanding interns are proactive rather than passive. So don’t be afraid to express yourself. The “outside” opinion can be useful. Whether in a team meeting or a brainstorming session, don’t be shy to speak up and add to the conversation. Voicing your thoughts offers a fresh perspective and the respect of your supervisor for showing enthusiasm.

Definitely meet deadlines and do further than expected
This is an obvious thing to do but employees who consistently meet deadlines and exceed expectations quickly earn the trust of their employers on getting the job done. It also reflects on your ability to be reliable so your boss doesn’t have to worry about constantly checking in and sending reminders.

Create a comfortable workspace that offers minimal disruptions
Your work space can say alot about whether you give work priority or not. Create a space where you can be focused and carry out a task without it getting prolonged due to distractions.Once you find a space that works for you, stick to it and soon enough you will naturally become accustomed to zoning out noise and working in that space specifically.

Maintain regular interaction with both your managers and colleagues
Making interactions and expanding your network is one of the many aims of interning. That can be simple for an in-person internship: Chance meetings in the kitchen and elevator can lead to chats, which can lead to longer discussions at social gatherings, lunch, or even getting a cup of coffee.

Don’t feel intimidated to inquire for feedback
Request reviews. Try it with your colleagues as well. This reveals that you are keen on learning and growing. If your supervisor is unable to share suggestions or just makes general comments, try following up. For example, you can ask your supervisor for advice on their take on certain roles and tasks and how they would do it differently. Listen and learn and show a keen interest in what they have to say.

Make the most out of your internship