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Public Crime Log. Week Ending February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012 author:


I want to thank all of you who attended and participated at Monday’s Public Safety Forum.

A lot of good questions were asked regarding officer’s training and the escort policy.

At the forum I stressed 2 important items.

1. Safeguarding Personal Property.

I asked everyone to take the necessary steps to safeguards their personal property and valuables. I advised that no one should ever leave your valuables unattended for any length of time whether its to use the restroom or leave for lunch. It is a cumbersome task but at least you’ll have piece of mind that valuables are safe.

2. Escort Policy.

In a previous blog, I included the revised Escort policy. Public Safety collects the data for the escorts that we provide. We are seeing an increase in escorts that are traveling west of campus into the Bridgeport area. As such, we have modified our policy to include locations that are within close proximity of campus. Please contact Public Safety should you require an escort.

Finally, Public Safety has a new look around campus. Public Safety recently purchased a new fleet of Dodge Charges for their Patrol. Stop by and take a look.

As always, stay safe and contact Public Safety with any questions, comments or safety requests.

Thank you/

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