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Public Crime Log: March, 11, 2013

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Public Safety Tip of the Day:

Pedestrian Safety:

  • Look both directions before crossing a roadway.
  • Never cross the street against a red light, even if you don’t see any traffic coming.
  • Plan a safe walking route to school or the bus/transit stop. Choose the most direct way with the fewest street crossings and if possible, with intersections that have traffic controls.
  • See and be seen — drivers need to see you to avoid you. Wear bright/light colored clothing or reflective clothing at night so drivers see you.
  • Pedestrians should make eye contact with drivers when crossing busy streets to ensure they have been seen..
  • Pedestrians do not have the right of way when crossing mid-block. Cross streets only at street corners or marked crosswalks or intersections. Crossing at locations that have traffic signals helps motorists see you.
  • Give drivers ample time to stop prior to your entering the crosswalk.
  • Do not run across a dark street to catch a bus; cross at crosswalks or intersections.
  • If a car is parked where you are trying to cross, look for drivers who may pull out and not see you as they looking for traffic.


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