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Public Crime Log: April 3, 2013

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Public Safety Tip of the Day for Visitors and Tourists:


  • Pickpockets are often attracted to crowded places. They often work in teams of two or three; one may create a distraction while the other one lifts your wallet. Be aware of someone who bumps, shoves or gets too close.
  • Don’t tempt a thief by leaving your purse or wallet unattended. It only takes a second to grab it.
  • Learn to carry your purse or wallet safely. Purses should be closed, held in front of your body, with your arm across it. Wallets should be carried a front pants pocket or in an interior jacket pocket.
  • Aggressive panhandling is illegal in Seattle. If someone obstructs or intimidates you, and aggressively begs for money, you do not have to give them money, and you can report this offense to the police department. Please do not encourage or reward panhandling.


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