Lake Hoare
My first photo shows me being nearly scared to death in the helicopter because the wind was strong. Also, eight of us were crammed into an area about 32 square feet (8 feet by 4 feet)—very cramped and uncomfortable. But helicopter is the only way to get to the areas we saw today. There are no functional roads or waterways, or landing strips for planes.

Helicopter Ride

The second photo is Lake Hoare, which is frozen most of the year. New research shows a variety of microbial life in the lake. It is a hotbed of scientific study now.

Lake Hoare

My third photo shows the “Canadian glacier” which runs into Lake Hoare. It is huge and moves very slowly (we cannot see the movement). It begins at the top of the mountains to the left in the photo.

Canadian Glacier

Today was arduous but definitely one of the top adventures in my life. Antarctica is an amazing place, unspoiled by humans but hosting life of many forms. It is probably the last pristine place on Earth.


Lake Hoare