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Public Crime Log February 21, 2013

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ATM Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles in the area of the ATM. Trust your gut feeling. If things don’t feel right, avoid that ATM.
  • Have ATM card out of your wallet or purse before approaching the ATM.
  • Don’t write your ATM personal identification number on your card or keep the number in your wallet.
  • When entering your personal identification number, try to keep the numbers from the view of others.
  • Don’t withdraw large amounts of cash.
  • Secure your money at the ATM. Don’t walk away with money in hand.
  • If a robber demands your money, don’t argue or fight with the suspect. Note the robber’s description and give the robber the money.


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There were NO Incident Reports taken by IITPSD for 2/20/2013.

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