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Student Innovator Award Winners – Fall 2011

December 8, 2011 author:

(L-R) Sravani Chancharem, JaeKyoung Jeong, and Nitish Tipparaju

A Student Innovator Award competition is held at the end of each ITM 582 Business Innovation course to evaluate innovative solutions developed and presented by students. In this competition each student gives a 5-minute elevator pitch to promote his or her innovation.

All presenters were winners that day as they proudly showed off their innovations and demonstrated their ability to create new solutions. Nitish Tipparaju, JaeKyoung Jeong and Srvani Chancharem won the top three places for their Phone-based healthcare, Diet Bracelet and Dress Size Estimator innovation projects, respectively. All of the student presentations can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/ibusinessinnovation.

Student projects for Fall 2011 included Diet Bracelet, The Learning Meter (in Taxi), Super Smart ID, Phone-based Healthcare, Vacation Rental – Guest Room, Dress Size Estimator, Compact Bluetooth Earphones, Cooked Food Scanner, Museum Power for Disabled People, and The Champion Beers. The judges for the competition included Jennifer Morehead of Lockboxer.com, David Aubrey of ebooks2go.com, and Mohit Gaonkar of IIT Kent School of Law, and a past winner of the Student Innovator Award.

ITM 582 Business Innovation is taught by ITM Adjunct Industry Professor Praveen Gupta, Director of IIT’s Center for Innovation Science and Applications. The class is offered in Spring and Fall semesters.