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Summer 2013 Courses in Information Technology & Management

November 27th, 2012 Comments off

Here’s what we expect that the ITM program will be offering in the summer of 2013:


  • ITM 301 Introduction to Contemporary Operating Systems & Hardware I
  • ITM 311 Introduction to Software Development
  • ITMD 413 Open Source Programming: Python
  • ITMD 455 Intelligent Device Applications: Windows RT Development
  • ITMM 470 Fundamentals of Management for Technology Professionals
  • ITMM 471 Project Management for Information Technology Management
  • ITMM 485 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology


  • ITMD 513 Open Source Programming: Python
  • ITMS 518 Coding Security
  • ITMD 529 Advanced Data Analytics
  • ITMD 555 Intelligent Device Applications: Windows RT Development
  • ITMM 570 Fundamentals of Management for Technology Professionals
  • ITMM 571 Project Management for Information Technology Management
  • ITMM 577 Case Studies in the Management of Information Technology
  • ITMM 585 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology

All courses will be online except ITM 301; note that ITM 311 is not normally offered online. There may be additional courses but these are courses we have committed to offering; the only way they will not run is if the faculty member scheduled to teach the course is not available.

Spring 2013 Registration Notes

November 14th, 2012 Comments off

Here’s more on Spring 2013 course registration, now underway at IIT. Since registration opened, we have added the following courses for Spring 2013:
 CRN/Course#-Section#/Course Name/Format/Hours/Days-Time/Seats/Location/Inst. 
 25900 ITMM 482-01 Business Innovation LEC 3 Thurs 6:25-9:05pm 10 Main WH-315 Praveen Gupta 
 25901 ITMM 582-01 Business Innovation LEC 3 Thurs 6:25-9:05pm 15 Main WH-315 Praveen Gupta 

Also take a look at the Joint Workshop course offered in conjunction with IIT’s world-renowned Institute of Design

For Undergraduates:
If you have not seen Professor Trygstad for advising, please read the Spring 2013 Advising Notes and make an appointment with him for advising at your earliest opportunity!
If you have attempted without success to register for BUS 221, Professor Twombly from undergraduate business has assured us that he will open the course to non-business majors after Thanksgiving–so hang in there and give it a try then.

For Graduate Students:
Despite the fact that ITMO 547 Projects & Advanced Methods in Telecomm Over Data Networks is shown on the schedule as meeting at Rice Campus Mondays 1:50pm-5:40pm, YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME TO THE RICE CAMPUS ON MONDAYS TO BE IN ITMO 547. It’s a project course and project teams and individuals will meet weekly and decide on which day and which campus they will meet. Please contact Professor Carol Davids if you have ANY questions about this course.

IIT Institute of Design Spring 2013 joint workshop courses with ITM

November 12th, 2012 Comments off

IIT’s Institute of Design (ID) is a world-renowned school of design. ITM professor Alon Friedman is also the Director of Information Technology for ID, and in the Spring 2013 term, he will be conducting a 3-credit-hour joint ITM-ID workshop course with two ID faculty members, Stan Ruecker and Anijo Mathew. The only prerequisites are ITM/ITMD 411 and an eagerness to work with designers to learn the communicational challenges and successful strategies for taking an agile methods approach to the creation of online prototypes of experimental human-computer interfaces. The course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and is great opportunity for graduate students to work with an interdisciplinary team in a real-world-style setting.

The workshop will be on Thursdays from 2pm-5:30pm at the Institute of Design, on the 4th floor at 350 North LaSalle Street, Chicago. This is a a 20 minute trip on the Green Line to Clark&Lake with a short, four-block walk to ID.
Email Professor Friedman ( for a permit to register for for 3 credit hours in:
   25895 ITM 497-135 Special Projects (Undergrads)
   25766 ITMT 597-135 Special Problems in IT (Graduate students)

Click “Read More…” for full details and course descriptions: Read more…

Halloween Party – Fri, Nov 2 @ The Bog (Free)

November 1st, 2012 Comments off

Gamma Nu Eta invites you to a Halloween Party at The Bog on Friday, November 2 from 8 pm – 1 am. It is free and and open to ALL IIT students. It is a costume party and it includes free food and non-alcoholic beverages (there is a cash bar). There are prizes for the best costumes. Sponsored by Gamma Nu Eta, BOG Events Fund & SAF. Questions – (Photos are now on Facebook…)