November 27th, 2017

The School of Applied Technology provides students enrolled in ITM courses and ITM faculty subscriptions to Software!—our OnTheHub software distribution site—each term. Site access will also be granted upon request for other School of Applied Technology students and faculty, including ITM students not enrolled in ITM courses. Students enrolled in any course in the ITM degree program and in Professional Learning IT courses will have a new account created or an existing account reactivated each term after the end of the add-drop period. This is normally in the third week of the term. Accounts will expire the day before the first day of the next regular term (Fall or Spring). (In previous years this subscription was known as the Microsoft Developer’s Network Academic Alliance and later as Microsoft DreamSpark Premium.) This subscription allows all students enrolled in ITM, IT, and ITM/IT faculty to download all Microsoft Imagine Premium content including operating systems and developer’s tools; about the only items NOT included are some Office applications. VMware Academic and IBM Academic Initiative applications are available for free as well. Additional academic software is also available for purchase on the site. The most commonly required items can be downloaded from our Software! web store via

Shortly after we have asked you to read this page, you should have receive an email our Software! web store with a link to activate your web store account; this email will only be sent to your IIT Hawk student email address. (You may see or  hear this web store referred to as “ELMS” as the site for delivery of the software is a platform known as Elms for Imagine and is administered by Kivuto Technologies, Inc.) This subscription will expire at midnight, the day before the next term begins; new subscriptions for the next term will be entered at the end of the add/drop period for that term.

Using Microsoft Imagine Premium in our Web Store
At the time you place an order for your downloadable Microsoft software, the receipt page will assign you your software key; you should save or print this Web page and retain it safely so you have the installation key. (This key can be retrieved later logging back into the Software! web store, selecting “Your Account/Orders” from the drop-down menu accessed by clicking on “Hello,” on the top of the page, then clicking on the product name you need the key for under “Items” on the right side of the page.) You may need to install the Microsoft Secure Download Manager (SDM) for your first software download; subsequent downloads will use the SDM already installed. When you run the SDM, software downloaded from the Web is placed in a directory you can specify during the process (the default is your Windows download directory) and you can elect to not immediately install the software, or to continue with the installation process as guided by the downloader. The application may be downloaded as a directory, as a self-extracting zip file (.exe file), or as a CD or DVD image file commonly known as a an ISO file.

CAUTION: Do NOT download Windows 10 (Multiple Editions); instead download Windows 10 Education, as this is the most complete version of Windows 10. If your system already has Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional installed, all you need is the product key for Windows 10 Education so you don’t actually have to download the software. Your Windows 10 installation will automatically upgrade when you change your product key to the new Education key. See “Upgrade by manually entering a product key” at for information on how to do that. (It’s really easy.)

If you are downloading the software on campus or at work and you need to install it at home, if it is a directory you can normally burn the entire contents of the directory to a CD which will give you a self-installing CD; if it is a self-extracting zip file you can extract the contents to the hard drive, go to the directory it extracts to and do the same thing. Alternatively you can just burn the whole directory or .exe file to a cd, or copy it to a flash drive, and haul it home that way. This may be a better alternative as sometimes you may be able to get several applications or CD’s on one CD, DVD, or flash drive.

If the software downloads as an ISO image—CD or DVD image—you will need to create a disc from the ISO image. Instructions for this process should be in the help file for your installed CD burning software and help with this can also be found here. Operating system CDs or DVDs are normally in ISO form.

Office 365 and Microsoft Office are not available through Microsoft Imagine Premium. You can get a free trial of Office 365 at, or you can buy a four-year academic subscription for $79.95 at

Other Free Software!

  • The Microsoft Garage is the home for experimental software from Microsoft’s research labs, not just for Windows, but a lot of Android apps as well. Many cool and interesting things.
  • Free software from Autodesk including Autocad and Maya is available at
  • Don’t forget all of our online applications available with your IIT Google Account, Here’s some help – 32 Ways to Use Apps Edu for University Students:
  • Ninite, at, allows you to select the best of free and open source software for Windows and creates a single installer which will install the correct version of the software for your system architecture—and not install any crapware that might accompany the software. For a good alternative to Microsoft Office, we suggest LibreOffice, which is available though Ninite.

Additional academically priced software can be purchased from OnTheHub’s main IIT web store, including software from SPSS, Norton, Nero, Cyberlink, and Corel. Note that Microsoft and VMware software on this main IIT page is probably available for free on our site, so shop on our Software! web store first. Not an endorsement but an observation: OnTheHub’s prices on Corel software are probably the lowest we’ve seen anywhere.