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ITM Students Spotlighted in RedEye Article on Startup

February 22nd, 2012 Comments off

“Billionaire or Bust” is the headline on an article in Chicago’s RedEye featuring two undergrads in Information Technology and Management. Waylon Janowiak ’13 and Joshua Hensley ’14 are partners with graphic designer Jenna Compton on GoSosh, a site that will allow businesses to reward customers through social media. The article chronicles the travails of the three young entrepreneurs as they tweak their product in preparation for an unveiling set to take place later this year. Janowiak and Hensley are both honor students in the ITM program and are members of IIT’s chapter of Gamma Nu Eta, the National Information Technology Honor Society; Janowiak is the Vice President. In the story Hensley comments on their efforts: “Success is not achieved by earning a mountain of cash or securing some great corporate title. Success is finding your passion and using it to effect positive change in the world.”

IIT Trustees Approve New Graduate Degree

February 17th, 2012 Comments off

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Institute of Technology, during their Spring term meeting, approved the School of Applied Technology’s proposal to offer the Master of Cyber Forensics and Security degree. The program includes courses drawn from the ITM program and additional courses from the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law curriculum to give cyber security and forensics practitioners a thorough grounding in legal issues and compliance. Core courses for this 30-credit-hour degree will include:
ITMS 538 Cyber Forensics
ITMS 543 Vulnerability Analysis and Control
ITMS 548 Cyber Security Technologies
ITMS 578 Cyber Security Management
LAW 273 Evidence

Electives will include twelve hours selected from:
ITMS 518 Coding Security
ITMS 528 Database Security
ITMS 539 Steganography
ITMS 549 Cyber Security Technologies: Projects and Advanced Methods
ITMS 555 Mobile Device Forensics
ITMS 558 Operating System Security
ITMS 579 Topics in Cyber Security (May be taken more than once)
ITMS 588 Incident Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
ITMM 585 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology
ITMM 586 Information Technology Auditing
ITMO 456 Introduction to Open Source Operating Systems
ITMT 594 Special Projects in Information Technology
AND at least three hours chosen from:
LAW 240 National Security Law
LAW 478 Computer and Network Privacy and Security: Ethical, Legal, and Technical Considerations
LAW 495 Electronic Discovery

Prerequisites for this degree include ITM 301 or ITM 302, ITMD 411, ITMD 421, and ITMO 440 or ITMO 540. Watch here for more details!

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New ITM Subject Codes

February 17th, 2012 Comments off

When the Fall 2012 course schedule is published, you will notice something different: instead of ITM, courses in our program will have four-character “subject codes”. They’ll still all start with ITM but the fourth character will indicate a broad subject area. The new subject codes are:
ITMD Development: Application development, web development, multimedia, data management
ITMM Management: Management of information technology, business, law and ethics
ITMO Operations: Networking, communications, operating systems and system administration
ITMS Security: Security and forensics
ITMT Theory and Technology: Theory, systems, system design & general topics in IT
Initially all courses will still have the same number as they did before the transition, but new courses will gradually begin to overlap numbers so you will need to read both the subject code and the number to make sure it’s the correct course. 100-, 200- and 300-level courses will retain the familiar three-letter ITM subject code. We know it’s a bit of a hassle, but really, this is a good thing: it only happened because our program is so healthy that we were in danger of running out of course numbers!

Attention ITM Job Seekers – Great sessions to help you find a job

February 6th, 2012 Comments off

Critiquing Your Rewritten Resume
Tues, Feb 7 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm @ Perlstein 131

Resume Review – Have your resume reviewed by IIT staff
Fri, Feb 10 from 10:00-2:00 @ Perlstin 131

IIT Career Fair
Thur, Feb 23 from 11:00-4:00 @ Herman Hall

Questions? Contact Madeleine England at

SAT Bog Party Photos!

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Pictures from the School of Applied Technology party at the Bog on Tuesday, January 24th are now posted on Facebook. If you didn’t make it, we’re sorry, because it was a great time. It was super to see so many students and faculty turn out and a special thanks goes out to ITM Program Coordinator Madeleine England for doing such a wonderful job setting this all up. Anyway, plan on making it to our picnic next September: we’ve learned our lesson and we’ll do everything we can to not run out of food!