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New ITM Subject Codes

February 17, 2012 author:

When the Fall 2012 course schedule is published, you will notice something different: instead of ITM, courses in our program will have four-character “subject codes”. They’ll still all start with ITM but the fourth character will indicate a broad subject area. The new subject codes are:
ITMD Development: Application development, web development, multimedia, data management
ITMM Management: Management of information technology, business, law and ethics
ITMO Operations: Networking, communications, operating systems and system administration
ITMS Security: Security and forensics
ITMT Theory and Technology: Theory, systems, system design & general topics in IT
Initially all courses will still have the same number as they did before the transition, but new courses will gradually begin to overlap numbers so you will need to read both the subject code and the number to make sure it’s the correct course. 100-, 200- and 300-level courses will retain the familiar three-letter ITM subject code. We know it’s a bit of a hassle, but really, this is a good thing: it only happened because our program is so healthy that we were in danger of running out of course numbers!