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Student Discounts for CompTIA Certification Exam Vouchers

January 19th, 2021 Comments off

Because many courses taught by the Department of Information Technology and Management are mapped to certifications, and because many students recognize the value of the certifications we address, many actually want to complete the certification exams to receive the certification. If students purchase exam vouchers through the CompTIA Academic Store and can prove their student status, they will get a 40% discount: Certification Vouchers – CompTIA Marketplace Academic. Students who join CompTIA as a student member, which costs $29, can get a 50% discount: CompTIA Student Membership – CompTIA Marketplace Academic. Not a bad idea, huh?

Note for ITM Students

December 5th, 2012 Comments off

Jeannie Hartig, IIT Vice President of Marketing and Communications has sent us the following statement:

“Last night two exam proctors fell ill in two different rooms in Stuart Building and were transported to the hospital. In addition, an IIT student in a third classroom reported feeling ill. We are sorry to report that one of the proctors died of apparent cardiac arrest; the other was treated at the hospital and released. The IIT student reported back to the instructor this morning that he was well again after having gotten a good night’s sleep.

Stuart Building is safe and we have absolutely no reason to believe these incidents were connected or caused by any environmental factor.

Our sympathies go out to our colleague’s family and friends. It is important to everyone that information be factual and not based on unfounded rumor as we move forward. If you have questions or concerns, please contact either Jeannie Hartig, VP of Marketing and Communications, or Evan Venie, Senior Director of Communications.”

Ms Hartig conveyed that she has absolutely NO concerns for the safety of students at the Stuart Building. She also said that the two incidents were completely UNrelated and not the result of anything that was airborne, viral or contagious. She added that a complete evaluation as to the safety of Stuart Building is being conducted by an Environmental Agency, and that when those results are available, they will be provided to the entire student body and all faculty and staff at IIT.

Any further concerns or questions can be addressed to:
Jeannie Hartig, VP of Marketing and Communications, 312-576-3921;

All students should feel safe to return to Stuart Building and resume their regularly scheduled exam procedures for the remainder of this week. Good luck on your finals and congratulations to all of your hard work this semester.
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Free coffee and snacks for ITM students

December 5th, 2011 Comments off

We know finals are exhausting! That is why we have refreshments for you.

The ITM Program will be offering

Free coffee and snacks for ITM students
10am – 5pm
Monday, December 5 – Thursday, December 8
Perlstein Hall, Room 223

Just stop by and grab some.

Don’t miss the Pre-Finals breakfast with Pat Anderson:
Start your finals day off with IIT’s First Lady Pat Anderson as she hosts the pre-finals breakfast from 9:45 – 10:30 am on Monday, December 5.

Enjoy coffee, fruit, donuts, and juice at Alumni Hall, Engineering 1, Life Sciences, Perlstein Hall, Siegel Hall, Stuart Building, Wishnick Hall, and Tech Park Central (3424 S. State).