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PDF ITM Course Schedule

August 8th, 2012 Comments off

A PDF version of the ITM course schedule for Fall 2012 is available at If you are having trouble finding ITM courses on the drop-down menus in MyIIT, see our previous blog entry that explains how it works. The only change is that ITM courses are now listed as “ITM” instead of “IT”.

An updated version of the course matrix, a visual representation of Fall ITM courses as they occur in the week, is available at There is also a full listing of courses offered by the ITM program along with the term in which they are normally offered at

Finding Our Summer 2012 Course Offerings

April 25th, 2012 Comments off

Folks seem to be having trouble getting to the ITM summer course listings through MyIIT. If you go into MyIIT, select Look Up Classes, select Search By Term: Summer 2012, select Information Tech and Mgmt, and click on “Course Search”, it will then show you a list of ALL courses offered by the department, whether they are offered in the current term or not; it is NOT a list of courses offered this summer. If you select “Advanced Search” instead of  “Course Search”, than select Information Tech and Mgmt, then click on “Section Search”, then it will show you the full list of courses offered this summer. OR just to make your life easier, just see the following PDF file:  Information Technology and Management Summer 20912 Course Offerings

Registering for Fall 2012

April 9th, 2012 Comments off

Fall and Summer 2012 registration opens today for graduate students and fifth-year seniors!

As of Fall, ITM 4XX and 5XX courses now have have four-letter Subject Codes and can be found listed under IT Development (ITMD), IT Management (ITMM), IT Operations (ITMO), IT Security (ITMS) and IT Theory and Technology (ITMT). The ITM subject code has been retained for 100- through 300-level courses.  To view ALL ITM courses in MyIIT, hold your control key down and select all ITM courses by clicking on the choices as shown at the right. By the way, all previously existing courses still carry the same number but now have a new subject code. In addition, one other course offered by the School of Applied Technology is listed under our TECH subject code, indicating it is a course available to ALL graduate students in the School of Applied Technology; the course is TECH 581, Consulting for Technical Professionals, taught by Adjunct Professor Bonnie A. Goins who has many very successful years of practical experience in the field.

If you’ve been looking at the course schedule, there were a few last-minute additions: ITMM 482 Business Innovation, ITMO 542 Wireless Technologies and Applications, ITMS 443/543 Vulnerability Analysis (ethical hacking) and ITMO 547 Telecommunications Over Data Networks: Projects and Advanced Methods.

Significant courses for graduate students that are offered this term that are offered on an infrequent basis include ITMD 563 Intermediate Web Application Development (dot Net framework with C#); ITMM 586 Information Technology Auditing (ISACA CISA content); ITMO 551 Distributed Workstation System Administration (MS Windows Sysadmin); ITMO 557 Storage Technologies (new this term: covers RAID, SANs, NAS, cloud storage, and more); ITMS 555 Mobile Device Forensics (also new this term: forensic investigation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices); ITMT 535 Data Center Architecture (a key element of our datacenter curriculum); and TECH 581 Consulting for Technical Professionals (if you ever want to be a consultant, you need this course). Undergraduates…should see their adviser’s Advising Notes at

New ITM Subject Codes

February 17th, 2012 Comments off

When the Fall 2012 course schedule is published, you will notice something different: instead of ITM, courses in our program will have four-character “subject codes”. They’ll still all start with ITM but the fourth character will indicate a broad subject area. The new subject codes are:
ITMD   Development: Application development, web development, multimedia, data management
ITMM   Management: Management of information technology, business, law and ethics
ITMO   Operations: Networking, communications, operating systems and system administration
ITMS   Security: Security and forensics
ITMT   Theory and Technology: Theory, systems, system design & general topics in IT
Initially all courses will still have  the same number as they did before the transition, but new courses will gradually begin to overlap numbers so you will need to read both the subject code and the number to make sure it’s the correct course. 100-, 200- and 300-level courses will retain the familiar three-letter ITM subject code. We know it’s a bit of a hassle, but really, this is a good thing: it only happened because our program is so healthy that we were in danger of running out of course numbers!

Undergraduate Advising Notes for Spring 2012

October 25th, 2011 Comments off

Spring 2012 advising notes for ITM undergraduates are now available at

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