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PDF ITM Course Schedule

August 8, 2012 author:

A PDF version of the ITM course schedule for Fall 2012 is available at http://www.itm.iit.edu/data/Fall2012ITMCourses.pdf. If you are having trouble finding ITM courses on the drop-down menus in MyIIT, see our previous blog entry that explains how it works. The only change is that ITM courses are now listed as “ITM” instead of “IT”.

An updated version of the course matrix, a visual representation of Fall ITM courses as they occur in the week, is available at http://www.itm.iit.edu/data/ITM_Course_Schedule_Fall2012_matrix.pdf. There is also a full listing of courses offered by the ITM program along with the term in which they are normally offered at http://www.itm.iit.edu/data/CoursesInITM.pdf.