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Spring 2012 Course Update part 2

January 5, 2012 author:

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days; if you are considering taking ITM 444/ITM 544 Cloud Computing Technologies in Fall 2012, you should take ITM 456 Introduction to Open Source Operating Systems this spring. It is not a prerequisite, but students who do not have a solid grounding in Linux will be at a distinct disadvantage in the class. (And no one wants to be at at a distinct disadvantage now, do they?)

Social Media Marketing, ITM 495/ITM595, is a last-minute addition for the Spring term. Students in this course will explore the tactics, tools and strategies of incorporating new media channels to successfully grow a business, and/or to maximize the goals of other types of organizations. Topics will include social media components and tactics such as Social Networks, Blogs, Microblogs, Photo Sharing, Audiocasting/Videocasting, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Apps; social media tools; social media strategies; how to run a business based on social media; and use of social media for customer relationship management (CRM). The course will be taught by Robert VanDame and will meet Tuesday evenings at 6:25pm in Stuart 238 on the Main Campus. Grading for the course will be based on three exams and a Student Project consisting of development of a Social Media Marketing program for a real or fictional organization. If you need a last-minute addition to your schedule this might be the thing.

As a reminder, our BookList is at http://www.itm.iit.edu/data/ITM_Booklist_12S.pdf.

By the way, we hope to add additional seats to all of our closed sections except ITM 461 sometime on Monday.